VMWare 6.0 Initializing iov issues

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I purchased a couple of Intel NUC’s for my home lab, and of course these machines are not on VMWare’s Compatibility Guide so when I was trying to install ESXi 6.0 from a USB thumb drive my machines would get stuck or freeze during the “Initializing iov” in the boot process.  Here’s what I did to fix my issue.

Booting ESXi gets stuck at “Initializing iov”.

  1. Reboot, press Shift+O in the boot-loader
  2. Open a terminal.
  3. Move to the end of the line
  4. Type: noIOMMU. (Don’t delete anything, just add noIOMMU after it)
  5. Now the install will bypass not “Initialize iov”and you will be able to install/run ESXi
  6. Once the install has completed during the 2nd reboot repeat steps 1 through 4

To make this persisted and avoid having to repeat the process during each reboot, activate SSH and connect to the ESXi server.  You’ll need to add noIOMMU to the end of the line with kernelopt. To do this use vi and edit /bootbank/boot.cfg then save and quit.  To validate all your changes were completed reboot your machine and it should boot right up without any intervention.

Help Fight Cancer Donate Today!